"Ambassador Seed" Swap Machine Functionality

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"Ambassador Seed" Swap Machine Functionality is a document in Obduction. It is found in C.W.'s workshop and explains how seed-swap devices work.

Contents[edit | edit source]

"Ambassador Seed" Swap Machine Functionality

* radius of swap sphere is defined at first swap (immutable)

* seeds recharge naturally from ubiquitous ambient membrane power radiation (tied to tree health)

* forcing seed open triggers "prep" behavior - radius demarcation

* small battery added to amplify ambient membrane power (charges continuously)

* parabolic focusing of power used to trigger seed swap behavior

* locking location of "swap" machines assures predictability - no unanticipated damage

* radius demarcation also occurs at same location in destination sphere

* without a pair seed defining the destination swap location, the destination coordinates match the source

* voila - swapping on demand