Obduction Wiki

There are 15 achievements in the Steam version of Obduction. Most are unlocked during the normal course of the game, while some are granted for completing optional tasks. One is exclusive to Kickstarter Backers.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name How to Unlock
Chain My Heart.jpg Chain My Heart Water the Tree in Kaptar.
Close to Death.jpg Close to Death Approach the Mofang WMD.
Eggcellent!.jpg Eggcellent! Enter an Easter egg code into the Box of Infinite Complexity in Kaptar and view the corresponding slide in Farley's Community Center.
Going Out With a Bang.jpg Going Out With a Bang Blow up the Bleeder.
Home Run.jpg Home Run Help C.W. swap Hunrath back to Earth.
Let it Flow.jpg Let it Flow Open the sluice gate above the Waterfall.
My Heart Soars.jpg My Heart Soars Water the Tree in Soria.
Personal Thanks.jpg Personal Thanks View the credits screen.
Power's On!.jpg Power's On! Talk to C.W. after turning the power on in Hunrath.
Raising Arizona.jpg Raising Arizona Get a good view of Earth from Soria.
Scattered Seeds.jpg Scattered Seeds Help C.W. swap the four Cells to Diaspora.
Sweet Caroline.jpg Sweet Caroline Summon and approach Farley's pod in the Silo.
Sweet Revenge.jpg Sweet Revenge Destroy the Box of Infinite Complexity by entering
the Box of Infinite Complexity code into it.
The Glow Must Flow.jpg The Glow Must Flow Water the Tree in Hunrath.
Verdant Pulse.jpg Verdant Pulse Water the Tree in Maray.


  • The icons for the The Glow Must Flow, Chain My Heart, Verdant Pulse, and My Heart Soars achievements can be combined into one image:
The Glow Must Flow.jpgChain My Heart.jpg
Verdant Pulse.jpgMy Heart Soars.jpg