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Backer reward items are items in Obduction that were added for people who pledged $850 or more during Obduction's Kickstarter campaign. These Backers provided Cyan with photos or 3D models of their items, and Cyan put them in the game.[1] They may be identified in-game by enabling the "Backer Reward Item" tooltip in the game's settings. None of them are clues to puzzles.

A total of 68 Kickstarter Backers across 4 reward tiers were eligible for this reward.

For an alphabetical list of Backer reward items in Obduction, see Category:Backer reward items.



Image Item Backer
MilkSquare Milk jug Unknown

C.W.'s Workshop[]

Image Item Backer
MalletSquare Mallet Unknown

C.W.'s Vault[]

Image Item Backer
TankSquare Pressurized tank Richard & Rose Warzecha

Downtown Hunrath[]

Image Item Backer
LillySquare Dog photo board Unknown
MannequinSquare Sewing mannequin Deidhre Wauchop
TallSculptureSquare Tall sculpture Unknown
StoolSquare Stool Patrick Karjala (hi_pat_trick)

Farley's Community Center[]

Image Item Backer
BrotherSquare Brother poem Unknown
HatSquare Hat rack Unknown
HoneymonSquare Honeymoon photograph Jerle
KoalaSquare Stuffed koala Tahgtahv

Farley's Vault[]

Image Item Backer
GreekSquare Antikythera mechanism Unknown
ArkSquare Ark of the Covenant Unknown
BirdPaintingSquare Bird painting Unknown
CerberusSquare Cerberus book Unknown
GirSquare Damaged toy robot Alex Willisson
PuppetSquare Puppet theater Celeste Masinter
HarpSquare Harp Unknown
HarpoonSquare Harpoon John Urquhart Ferguson
MystSquare Myst linking book Mike Ando (RIUM+)
BoatSquare Putt-putt boat Jose Cardoso
QuadSquare Quadrupedal robot Unknown
RetroSquare Retro robot toy Unknown
SamuraiSquare Ronin Otter [Private]
RustySquare Rusty robot Phil Longmeier
ScissorsSquare Scissors Unknown
BunnySquare Stuffed bunny Joachim De Lombaert
NightDaySquare Swirled painting Unknown
UnwrittenSquare Unwritten book Scott & Eleri Hamilton
WhatBirdsKnowSquare What Birds Know painting Matthias Thorelli


Image Item Backer
FishSquare Wood fish Larry "Rex Havoc" Brown

Gas Station[]

Image Item Backer
RoadSignSquare Road sign Unknown


Image Item Backer
KeroseneSquare Kerosene keg Joseph Garnsey


Image Item Backer
WhaleSquare Whale Unknown

Supply Yard[]

Image Item Backer
WheelchairSquare Motorized wheelchair Justin Esparza


Image Item Backer
AbstractSquare Abstract statue Unknown
AntleredSquare Antlered head bust Unknown
BackboardSquare Circular backboard Unknown
ColorFaceSquare Color-changing statuette Unknown
CompassSquare Gear compass Unknown
DoorstopSquare Doorstop Unknown
PlaneSquare Model airplane Unknown
PaperweightSquare Swirled paperweight Unknown
TrumpetSquare Trumpet Unknown
VaseSquare Vase Diana McCabe
WheelSquare Wheel statue Unknown
WowSquare Wow! award Taelos Katran


Image Item Backer
MtEndertonSquare Mt. Enderton painting Unknown
RobinSquare Robin graffiti Robin Garnsey



Image Item Backer
TreeSquare Fallen tree OpenUru.org