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Welcome to the brave new world! You'll notice this area is entirely different than our first. It is called Kaptar. If you remember, there were papers in Farley's Community Center describing the different species they had encountered and what worlds they lived in.

Go down the path, and cross over the first section of the bridge. Step down into the center area, and turn the steam wheel.

WT BraveNewWorld03.jpg

Get back on, and throw the switch to complete the connection.Throw the red switch.

WT BraveNewWorld02.jpg

Continue down the path. Make note of the Arai beetle staring down at you. Keep moving down this long path. Explore the ruins. When you've explored, take the path to the immediate right from where you first saw the ruins. Take it all the way up and around, until you get to the huge mechanism, which should look like a giant metal fan. Walk to the rear of the mechanism.

Next Part [Turning The Machine]


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