C.W.'s red beam speeches

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C.W.'s red beam speeches are given to the player by C.W. through the window of his vault after turning the power on but before disabling the red beam. Each time the player rings for C.W. before the red beam is disabled, he gives a follow-up speech. Once they have all been heard, C.W. no longer answers the doorbell.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

This transcript is taken directly from Obduction's subtitle files.

Main Speech[edit | edit source]

Well, well, power's on.

Did ya come back for a medal?

Sorry, I don't mean to neglect my manners.

My name is Cecil.

Most 'round here call me "C.W."

Least they did...

I suppose you've gotta move on, but...

All right, well...

If ya ain't assessed already,

we're all livin' within a large cell...

this dome...


karffin' prison, more like it.

Whatever it is. Hems us in.

[ sighs ]

If it ain't occurred to you already, it serves us both for you to get through the wall of this place.

And I locked up the wall with that Mofang device.

That, uh, red beam up yonder.

Gotta make this work and get home.


Scarlett was seven.


[ sighs ]

I wonder...

That red beam.

Follow-up #1[edit | edit source]

We ain't makin' further progress 'til you disable that red Mofang beam.

You're gonna have to get through the wall of this cell.

Follow-up #2[edit | edit source]

The red beam, ya damn fool.

Shoot the red beam device.

Follow-up #3[edit | edit source]

You gonna have to get through the wall of this dome.

Follow-up #4[edit | edit source]



Get through the dome!