Caroline Farley

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Caroline Farley
Date of Abduction:
April 1983
Date of Arrival:
Sometime before 10,220 AH
Circumstance of Abduction:
At home

Caroline Farley, mostly referred to as just Farley, is one of the characters in Obduction. The player only interacts with her through recorded messages and live video, though her pod in the Silo (number 194) can be summoned in Maray, an action which unlocks the Sweet Caroline achievement.

She is portrayed by Caroline Fowler.[1]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Farley is the creator of the Community Center in Hunrath. She served as mayor of Hunrath from 16,945AH to 16,975AH.

Circumstance of Abduction[edit | edit source]

Farley was three years old in April 1983 when she was abducted.[2] Her father was abducted with her, and their house became a permanent fixture in Hunrath, eventually becoming Farley's Community Center. Her grandmother was also present at the abduction, though it is unclear if she was abducted, too.

References[edit | edit source]