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There are over 100 characters in Obduction but only five that the player interacts with closely. Most would be considered "filler" characters, as they have no bearing on the plot.

For an alphabetical list of characters in Obduction, see Category:Characters.

Main Characters[]

Image Name Details
CW100px C.W. Player contact throughout game.
Farley100px Farley Planned counterattack against the Mofang.
IMayor100px iMayor Mofang imposter.
Josef100px Mayor Janssen Sixth mayor of Hunrath.
PolyarchDelSquare Polyarch Del Arai Remainer. Responsible for sending the WMD back to Soria.
Trar100px Trar Killed iMayor; found wounded in Maray.

Supporting Characters[]

Image Name Details
Femalesilhouette100px Alima Hamsa Proposed the existence of Mother Seeds and Mother Trees on 2232 BH.
Femalesilhouette100px Amélie Vidal First person to communicate with the Villein; named Maray.
Femalesilhouette100px An Liang Named the Mofang.
AprarOrbarSquare Aprar Villein Remainer.
Malesilhouette100px Benjamin Sims Fourth mayor of Hunrath; buried in the Cemetery.
ChavarSquare Chavar Together with Rookoh, leaked Mofang attack plans.
JaingSquare Jaing Qiuyu Last New Arriver before the player.
JaneSquare Jane Abducted with Jenny.
JennySquare Jenny Abducted with Jane.
Femalesilhouette100px Ji Eun Burial mentioned in Farley's journal.
Malesilhouette100px John Farley Third mayor of Hunrath and father of Caroline Farley; buried in the Cemetery.
Malesilhouette100px John Hartnell, Sr. Namesake of Hartnell; buried in the Cemetery.
Malesilhouette100px Karl Hunrath Namesake of Hunrath, as well as its second mayor; buried in the Cemetery.
Malesilhouette100px Luther Roscoe First mayor of Hunrath; buried in the Cemetery.
Malesilhouette100px Lőrinc Tòth First person to travel from Hunrath to Kaptar.
MariaSquare Maria Gallego Filled out Guestbook.
NoahSquare Noah Official Villein control panel tutor.
AprarOrbarSquare Orbar Villein Remainer.
OlegSquare Oleg Responsible for resetting the locks in the Gauntlet.
RookohSquare Rookoh Together with Chavar, leaked Mofang attack plans.
SamuelSquare Samuel Caron Filled out Guestbook.
SarahSquare Sarah Mentioned in Farley's journal.
TamSquare Tam Official Mofang communication tutor.
ThamSquare Tham Abducted with Vera; mentioned in Farley's group recording.
UzzielSquare Uzziel Regenbogen Filled out Guestbook.
VeraSquare Vera Abducted with Tham; mentioned in Farley's group recording.
VitoSquare Vito Official Villein communication tutor.

Extra Characters[]

Image Name Details
Femalesilhouette100px Anna Jackson Buried in the Cemetery.
AvianaSquare Aviana
AzharSquare Azhar
BelvieSquare Belvie
BlakeSquare Blake
BradSquare Brad
BrandonSquare Brandon
BraylonSquare Braylon
BurutiSquare Buruti
CelesteSquare Celeste
ClaireSquare Claire
DanaSquare Dana
DanielSquare Daniel
Malesilhouette100px Daniel Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
DavidSquare David
DerrickSquare Derrick
DianneSquare Dianne
DonnaSquare Donna
DustinSquare Dustin
EileenSquare Eileen
EricSquare Eric
GabeSquare Gabe
GarciSquare Garci
HannahSquare Hannah
Malesilhouette100px Henry Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
Femalesilhouette100px Ida Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
IreneSquare Irene
JasonSquare Jason
JeremiahSquare Jeremiah
JoeSquare Joe
JordanSquare Jordan
JoshSquare Josh
JulietSquare Juliet
KarenSquare Karen
KarlSquare Karl
KristaSquare Krista
KuoseslolSquare Kuoseslol
LesroolsewSquare Lesroolsew
LloydSquare Lloyd
Femalesilhouette100px Margaret Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
MariahSquare Mariah
MarkSquare Mark
Femalesilhouette100px Mary Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
MattSquare Matt
MaureenSquare Maureen
MichaelSquare Michael
MohammedSquare Mohammed
NasserSquare Nasser
ObaSquare Oba
OranSquare Oran
OudomSquare Oudom
PascalSquare Pascal
PearooksesSquare Pearookses
PolyarchAlfSquare Polyarch Alf
PolyarchBeaSquare Polyarch Bea
PolyarchEpiSquare Polyarch Epi
PolyarchGamSquare Polyarch Gam
RandSquare Rand
RevroolsekvolSquare Revroolsekvol
RichardSquare Richard
RobinPodSquare Robin
Malesilhouette100px Robert Hartnell Buried in the Cemetery.
RuawootseySquare Ruawootsey
RuthSquare Ruth
RyanSquare Ryan
SavaSquare Sava
SesheflotSquare Sesheflot
SeshieSquare Seshie
SoorveSquare Soorve
TonySquare Tony
TuralSquare Tural
VichetSquare Vichet
VickiSquare Vicki