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The arrival area

The Entry Canyon is a location in Hunrath. It is the place New Arrivers first step on after having been 'abducted' by a Collector Seed. A spherical piece of the arriver's environment also gets swapped along, in this case, part of the Forest trail you were on, including a grill, a table, a lantern, rocks, twigs, and trees. The radius of the swapped sphere may vary in each case. After its activation and the swapping the Collector Seed dies, leaving its dried parts on the ground.

The inhabitants of Hunrath collect and bring here occasional new Seeds that the Hunrath Tree produces, so that somewhere its twin seed will swap to this location. This was done to facilite the experience of New Arrivers and also the collection of any items that were swapped along with them. Mayor Jenssen has placed kiosks (holographic recordings) with a welcome message from him and instructions for the Arriver's next step.