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Farley's Community Center
Front view of Farley's Community Center
Farley's home 2
Side view of Farley's house
CommunityCenter 3A
The rear part of the main room

Farley's Community Center is one of of the locations in Hunrath. It is a house located across the Entry Canyon. New Arrivers are encouraged to visit the Community Center by a message kiosk at the exit of the Canyon. Outside the house there is another kiosk with a message by Caroline Farley. Since the Lockdown phase of the Mofang War the Center has been closed.

The garden shows that life had been going on as normal here up to recently, with its flowers well tended and clothes hanging out to dry. Right outside the fence there are signs of children's presence. There is even a letter in the mail box. When entrance to the house is gained, there are plenty of documents, clues, and other items to be inspected.


CommunityCenter 7
The Community Center seen from the left room
CommunityCenter 4B
The left room seen from its entrance

The building is an old Craftsnam Style home with a simple hipped roof porch going around to the right side of the front room. The ground floor has a room to the left, extending forwards along with its gable roof. Two small rooms can be seen on a second floor. The front room has two doors towards the porch, the main one and one on the right side. Only the front one can be opened in the game, from the inside.

When the sphere was swapped from its original place on the Earth, only the front middle of the house made it to Hunrath. The part that had the staircase to the second floor was not swapped and there is no way to reach the upstairs area. The swapping cut the roof of these rooms in such a way that some of the upper area remains roofless. Apart from a supporting wall separating the left room, the front room ceiling remained with no supporing posts, so four metal supports have been placed at the rear end of the room to hold it from caving in. Four more supports hold a tarp covering an unseen feature of the room.

The back of the house is embedded in the rock but a mineshaft at the back of the main room goes all the way to the rear side of the Wall. A door blocks the passage and can be unlocked and opened from the outside by entering a code in a panel. Upon entering, the front door can be unlocked from the inside. Behind the back door starts another mineshaft which is blocked by a rock sphere from Kaptar. When the rock is cleared, entrance to Farley's vault is gained.

The interior[]

The front room has a desk, a table and one cupboard, several chairs and a makeshift bench on which stands a slide projector on a rotatable base. The projector has useful clues. All the drawers are open and there are crates and papers all over and the room is a state of disarray. According to Mayor Janssen's journal, just before the lockdown, he had been collecting and dividing all important documents in two categories, one to be chambered in the Silo of Maray and one moved in Farley's vault area.

The left room has built-in shelving on the wall facing its entrance, all emptied up, with piles of books on the floor. There is also a desk with children's drawings and one panel with the Seed board. On the windowsill there is a cassette recorder with recordings by Farley and a group of people, as well as a stuffed coala toy.

The exterior[]

The exterior of the house is occupied by a garden with well tended flowers and a set of drying lines. Around the porch there are Virginia roses and between the porch and the left room is a Hibiscus bush. The fence has an open gate at the front, with a mailox on a post showing 1436 as the address of the house, and a opening to the left. Outside the fence of the garden are four raised beds with Marigolds. Within the perimeter of the swapped sphere, there is also a part of the pavement and the asphalted street where a hopscotch and a girl's face have been drawn with colored chalks. Due to a difference of ground level, part of the asphalt at one edge of the sphere has collapsed and offers a way to climb to the house.

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