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Farley's Group Recording is an audio recording played via a tape recorder found inside Farley's Community Center. It was recorded in a group setting that included four men, two women, a boy, and a girl, in addition to Farley herself. The first part, which features Farley exclusively, also serves as the voiceover played during Obduction's introductory area, albeit in a slightly scrambled order.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

[Farley]: We all lost everything...

[Farley]: Everything but our stories, and they shouldn't be forgotten.

[Farley]: I was three.

[Farley]: It was... April of 1983.

[Farley]: Cecil, it was 1870 for you,

[Farley]: Tham and Vera, you tell it like it was yesterday but it's been 62 years since you saw that...

[Farley]: Blast of light.

[Farley]: And that's where all of our new stories began,

[Farley]: that...

[Farley]: light.

[Farley]: It...

[Farley]: Streaked across the sky...

[Farley]: Mesmerizing...

[Farley]: but unnerving.

[Farley]: Some of you were alone; I wasn't.

[Farley]: My dear grandma - God bless her - rejoiced as if it were some forbearer of good fortune.

[Farley]: Vera, you said you recall smiling.

[Farley]: None of us understood,

[Farley]: but, well...

[Farley]: We followed.

[Farley]: Whether it was in the deep woods like Cecil, or right outside town like Jane and Jenny, we were...

[Farley]: Drawn...

[Farley]: to see more.

[Farley]: Grandma lifted me from the carriage on the porch and walked into the yard so we could watch it unobstructed.

[Farley]: Even in daylight, Josef, you said it was gloriously bright.

[Farley]: But in the twilight it was...

[Farley]: Spellbinding.

[Farley]: [breath]

[Farley]: And we all felt some kind of...

[Farley]: Trepidation, and yet, attraction...

[Farley]: as we...

[Farley]: approached it, and...

[Farley]: It approached *us*.

[Farley]: So close...

[Farley]: So...

[Farley]: Radiant.

[Farley]: That sound...

[Farley]: Deep, and...

[Farley]: vibrant...

[Farley]: [deep breath]

[Farley]: organic...

[Farley]: You all remember, there was no turning away.

[Farley]: It advanced...

[Farley]: almost like...

[Farley]: [breath]

[Farley]: purposefully...

[Farley]: Spinning...

[Farley]: slowly, until, well...

[Farley]: [breath]

[Farley]: it found us. Each of us.

[Farley]: We should tell these stories because

[Farley]: [deep breath]

[Farley]: it saved us, and...

[Farley]: there must be more...

[Farley]: [click]

[Adult Male]: It was in the middle of the afternoon.

[Adult Female]: I was watching the sunrise.

[Adult Male]: It was about, uh, 2... 'bout 2:30 in the morning.

[Adult Male]: December 26th, 1948.

[Male Child]: May 7th, 2009.

[Adult Female]: September 3rd, 1995.

[Adult Male]: I was down by the river.

[Adult Female]: I was hiking in the desert.

[Adult Female]: In the park with my grandson.

[Adult Male]: I looked up saw -

[Adult Female]: - a brilliant flash of light -

[Male Child]: EXPLODED... in the sky!

[Adult Female]: The light... it just... it flew into the clouds, and...

[Adult Female]: Behind some trees and

[Adult Male]: Disappeared!

[Adult Male]: I looked around and... [pause] You know... to...

[Adult Female]: see if there was anyone around.

[Adult Female]: See if anyone else had seen what I had seen.

[Adult Male]: [stutters] there was no one around.

[Adult Female]: They all saw it too.

[Female Child]: Mom definitely saw it.

[Adult Female]: Well, it was just beautiful.

[Adult Male]: There was something calming about it.

[Adult Male]: Yeah... I don't mind telling you... I was kind of freaking out.

[Adult Male]: I tried to follow it.

[Adult Male]: I tried to get a better look at it.

[Adult Female]: I wanted to see it again.

[Adult Male]: I came to a place where -

[Adult Male]: Where it had disappeared, and I -

[Adult Female]: looked, but I found nothing.

[Adult Female]: Then it streaked through the sky again!

[Male Child]: It seemed like it was looking for something.

[Adult Female]: Or looking for someone.

[Adult Male]: And then it found me.

[Adult Female]: Then it found me.

[Female Child]: It found me.

[Adult Male]: It found me.

[Adult Female]: It found me.

[Adult Male]: It found me.

[Adult Male]: It found me.

[Male Child]: It found me!