Obduction Wiki

Recreate the Gauntlet maze ("Puzzlisimo") as it appears in Obduction. Step-by-step instructions are generated on the right and will update with every change you make.

  1. Select "Rotate" and click any insert or the base to rotate them once clockwise. To help you better recreate the maze as it appears in your game, inserts will not move when the base is rotated.
  2. Select "Swap" to swap the positions of any two inserts. The first insert you click on will be swapped with the second insert you click on. Their rotations will be preserved.
  3. Finally, select the path you want to create. Once it is created in-game, you may need to rotate the base to move the entry and exit points where you want them.

Note: This program treats both corner pieces as completely different, even though they are identical. This may lead to some extra steps, but the solution will be correct.