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The Gauntlet letter was written by Farley to Oleg to help him understand the purpose of the Gauntlet in Maray and state his purpose. It is found on a chair in the mineshaft near the Scrapyard, which is during the Seed Swapping Mayhem section of the Walkthrough.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Hello Oleg,

The Gauntlet area is complex -- it was meant to be. The Villein intended it to provide friction. The idea is to slow down any mass movement within the world (now that we have begun to have suspicions.) You'll notice that they have re-formed and extruded entire areas to confuse and slow down any mass attack.

Your task will be to reset all the locks in the Gauntlet before being podded.


(Please keep this to yourself -- I used a shade of blue ink that is not easily visible to the Mofang.)