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Go back to the area with the generator, and go through the entrance in the side of the cliff at the far end of this area, past the generator. Here, you'll find a locked door. Enter the number you got from the slip of paper resetting Farley's code - the number is 6341.

Code to door.png

Go through the door, and you'll find yourself in Farley's Community Center.

The first thing you should do is unlock the front door to the Community Center. This is very important because it will be the only way to get to this half of the map later.

Make sure you open this door.png

After doing that, feel free to look at everything inside. Pay attention to the books and papers though, they will tell you quite a bit about the area. Also listen to the tape in the nook to the far right. Flip the tape over, and listen to that side.

Pull down the projector screen to the far left. Take note of the projector, which has two slides. Look at the slide with the circle on the map, and then move the projector to the other screen with the number on it, and switch to the slide with the dots. This will help you in a puzzle in the garage later. You may also want to take a picture of the map with your camera (pressing the spacebar) for later.

Projector 4.png

Projector 2.png

Projector 1.png

Projector 3.png

On the map with the projector off, the green marker on the edges of the maps signifies where portals are. Portals will teleport you to the exact opposite of the circle/cell.

Projector off.png

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