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Hunrath is the Human settlement in Obduction. The town there was originally called Hartnell, after John Hartnell, Sr. and it was a mining town. It was swapped out of Arizona on the night of the 27th of June, 1903, along with its buildings, graveyard, rails, and mining equipment.[1] It was placed on Soria, while the Soria cell was placed on Earth precisely where Hartnell had been.

The stone wall in the middle of Hunrath was built over the years to divide and protect Hunrath, as well as protecting access to the Tower.


The Hunrath cell is mostly desert, as it came from Arizona, with lots of sand and sandstone. There is a small forest next to the river on the other side of the wall.

The world outside the cell dome is Soria. It has a lot of purple rocks and dotted blue spheres, along with some floating rocks in the distance.

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