Hunrath Tree puzzle

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The Hunrath Tree puzzle is a puzzle in Obduction that grants access to the Tree in Hunrath and restores its health. The Tower elevator puzzle must be completed first. It consists of three main parts.

Tower Basement[edit | edit source]

Tree Mechanism.png

Using the elevator in the Tower, descend to the bottom-most floor. Walk towards the phonograph and turn right around the corner and walk up the steps. Turn the handle on the door-lowering mechanism clockwise to lower the door that blocks access to the Tree.

Water Tower[edit | edit source]

Water Tower.png

Exit the Tower by taking the elevator up one floor to the City Council Chamber. Leave through the door facing the Tree and head over to C.W.'s workshop. Ascend to the second floor. Follow the railroad tracks out to the Tree and turn left to approach the Water Tower. Turn the knob down to restore water flow to the Heart under the Tree.

The Heart[edit | edit source]

Hunrath Tree Hydrant.png

Return to the Tree by following the railroad tracks back to C.W.'s workshop, exiting through the front door, crossing through Downtown Hunrath, and using the entrance you cranked open. Descend into the Heart by entering the opening in the Tree. Restore the Tree's health by turning the knob on the fire hydrant clockwise, allowing the Tree to be watered.