Obduction Wiki

There are many items seen while exploring Obduction. Most of them are part of the stage scenery and are purely cosmetic thought they may offer clues about the history of the place. Some of them can be picked up and inspected and a few of them offer clues for the game.

For a list of items placed in-game for Kickstarter Backers who pledged enough money, see Backer reward items.

List of interactive items[]

Toy fire truck near the Community Center

Items helpful for the game[]

  • The Roscoe compass.
  • The cash register in the Gas station offers a way to practice and translate Villein control panels.
  • A telephone booth near the station, with letters on its rotary dial, helps with letter-to-number conversion.

Other items[]

Children drawings
Children's drawings at Farley's Community Center
  • Children's games and paintings in and around Farley's Community Center.
  • A backgammon game, a card game and tools for pottery and carpentry found Downtown Hunrath.
  • Auto mechanic tools mostly found in the garage.
  • Household items such as buckets, pottery, chairs, baskets, tumblers, tubs, cans, barrels, etc.
  • Heavy metalic parts, wagon wheels, cement-cinder blocks, tires, traffic cones, TV sets and other home appliances found in the Supply yard and the Scrapyard.
  • A rich variety of items not seen elsewhere in Hunrath can be found in the Tiki bar cave.