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Map of Kaptar

Disambig.png This article is about the Arai settlement in Obduction. For the Arai homeworld, see Kaptar (World).

Kaptar is the Arai settlement within the world of Obduction.

Kaptar entrance and tree


Kaptar is a rocky world with many crevices and cliffs. It is filled with large metal machines and ruins of buildings carved out of rock. Outside of the cell wall is Maray. There is a lot of fog and clouds floating past the crevices.

There are many temples and structures in this world, built by other species long ago to honor the Polyarchs, and a more recent species built the machines. The huge skeletons found there are a large flying species (covered in the purple scales, later made into banners seen in the Temple) that the mechanical species hunted and caught using large metal hooks and the Arai beetles as bait.


  • Crankshaft Cavern
  • Polyarch antechamber


  • Kaptar was called "Chain" during development.