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Main characters in Obduction belong are characters the player meets in person (alive or not) or through recorded messages and have an important role in the plot of the game.

C.W. (Cecil)[]

C.W. is the master mechanic of Hunrath and the sole human Remainer. He was about to be hanged in a forest of Southern U.S.A. in 1870 when he was aducted. He asks the player to complete some key objectives and gives useful hints. C.W. is working on a project that may permit the Cell to return to its original place on Earth.

Caroline Farley[]

Caroline Farley had been running the Community Center, which was her original family house. She was abducted in it along with her father when she was three years old, in 1983. The player sees and hears her in holographic and tape recorded messages. Farley had planned the counteroffensive against the Mofang attack.

Mayor Janssen[]

Mayor Janssen is the sixth and latest Mayor of Hunrath. The player sees and hears him in recorded messages. He called plenty of Special Council Session during the Mofang War and made sure all important documents were put in safe places. He was one of the first to get podded in Maray.


The iMayor is a Mofang posing as Mayor Janssen and appears in stretch screen communications trying to gain the player's help. Before the player gets to him, he is killed in an armed standoff while trying to set off the WMD in Maray.


Trar is one of three Villein Remainers in Maray. He had been guarding the Silo from a Mofang attack. Trar managed to kill the Mofang iMayor during the standoff. He is found alive but trapped by under heavy debris. Even so, he can still control mechanisms around him by his low-tone vocalization.

Polyarch Del[]

Polyarch Del is the sole Arai Remainer. He can be seen in his shell in the Hive of Kaptar. He is responsible for having sent the Kaptar-bound WMD back to Soria. He did this by controlling a single Arai beetle which was standing guard in the War Room of the Cell.

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