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A drawing of a Mofang in the Species Description document.

A recently dead Mofang.

The Mofang are one of the four species in Obduction, along with the Humans, Arai, and Villein. They are a technologically advanced species and were named by An Liang, who pulled their name from the Chinese word 模仿 (mó fǎng), which means "to imitate".[1] Their Cell, Soria, was swapped away from its host planet and placed on Earth exactly where Hunrath was swapped from. Their Ambassador Seeds are paired with those from Hunrath, and they were the first of the four species to be contacted by humans.

Most Mofang were killed during the Mofang War when the WMD they sent to Kaptar was swapped back to Soria.

Physical Description[]

Mofang are humanoid and are the most similar to humans of the three alien species. They are bipedal, relatively lightweight, and have minimal body hair. They also come in a variety of red to yellow colors. Their hands and feet have four digits each.


Mofang generate vocal sounds in a similar fashion to humans, though their language is mostly unpronounceable by humans. Mofang are very good at imitating sounds, though, so they learned enough of almost all of the human languages in Hunrath to permit at least basic communication. Their grammar must differ substantially from any human grammar, however, because they have difficulty following the rules of human languages.


The Mofang are the most technologically advanced species in Obduction. It is not immediately obvious how to operate their techonology, but all of it follows a basic pattern: smooth pieces connected by bright red bands. The Mofang WMD, solid volume projectors, iMayor's weapon, and the Mofang seed-swap device all follow this pattern. There are several structures on the Mofang homeworld that can be seen from Hunrath that also follow this pattern, but it is unknown if they are naturally occurring or not.

Mofang Characters of Interest[]


  • The Mofang are unable to see a light shade of blue very well (a fact that the inhabitants of Hunrath exploit at least once).[2]