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Mofang Solid Volume Projector is a document in Obduction. It is found in C.W.'s workshop and contains his notes about how the video kiosks work.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Dimensional projector - produces apparently solid apparitions with light, volume, and some sort of simulated mass. Rookoh says all projectors will have similar power levels and communications protocols.

There appear to be three primary elements...
Projector Element - beam emission - provides the primary light/energy source
Control Arms - some kind of control of the beam in three dimensions - color (variable) and mass (invariable)
Communications Arms - internal comm signals supplied across gap to projection arms

Will use 7 volt communications level as a carrier voltage. Varying the voltage around that baseline voltage produces solid-like volume-boxes in various colors formed from bottom to top, left to right. The Mofangs have tuned the retrace timing to 30 Hz for us - mighty kind of them.

For a full 3D resolution of approximately 525 x 150 x 150 the converter would be required to adjust the voltage about every 3 ns. (I don't have an abundance of circuitry to build converters running at 333 MHz.) For still projections (rocks?) the refresh doesn't matter - the display is persistent until/unless the voltage varies from 7 volts. I can produce the projection (from a still image) and set the voltage to 7 to maintain it. (Less than 0.8 volts results in clear/open/massless display space.)


  1. Sound will be handled separately.
  2. Some projection noise - slight shimmer from radio interference?
  3. Moving image corruption noise toward bottom of projection.
  4. Images above projection arm bounds are possible.
  5. Checking for potential hidden lethality (Mayor's suggestion) - checks out (can't find anything destructive)
  6. Consistent spurious very high frequency background carrier - No idea what that could be???
  7. Odd side effect - projection intersecting any part of cell wall suppresses all transport. *

*Not sure why I tried this - Farley claims it's related to some desire of mine to shoot everything at everything else.