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The Mofang WMD

The Mofang War is an important part of the Obduction plot. It is the reason why the player finds Hunrath abandoned by its residents and why many paths have been blocked or made hard to access. Information about the War is gradually gathered by many of the documents found here.

The Beginning of the War[]

The Mofang had amazing technology, well beyond the other species. At first the interactions between worlds seemed cordial and productive. But as the years went by, a majority of the large Mofang population began to feel like it was their destiny to move forward to wherever the process of the trees and the abduction would take them, without the other species. They began to fear that the other species had strengths that might reduce their own superior desire to control. Rather than move forward together, a plan was put into place to destroy the other species using the WMDs.

Trar, injured after the fight

A few Mofang (including Rookoh), led by Chavar, felt differently. At the risk of retaliation from the Mofang in favor of the genocide, Chavar got word to Farley of the plan to use the Mofang WMD. Farley devised the counter-attack. Some of the Mofang who helped the other species managed to make it safely to Maray.[1]

The other species prepared for the war by battening down their Cells. As you saw in Hunrath, all the structures were boarded up and locked down. In Maray, the bridges were removed and the Gauntlet area was prepared.

Farley's final notes[]

According to Mayor Janssen's journal, Farley's counter-attack plans were approved unanimously by the council on 17,125 AH. On 17,140 AH, a special meeting was held that went over her plans for a last time. The Mayor left to be chambered (podded) three days later. On 17,145 Farley left one final note in her journal where she expressed her inner agony about her decision, though she reaffirmed that "Simply... it's us or them." At around the same time she also left an audio message expressing some of her feelings about it all.


The dead Mofang

The counter-attack was successful, and the WMD sent to destroy Kaptar was swapped back to Soria, where it detonated and destroyed the Mofang cell. Later, as the player progresses through the game and after the maze in Maray, the player discovers an injured Villein who managed to kill the Mofang who was impersonating the Mayor (iMayor). It is possible to destroy the WMD with a nearby Villein beam device, and the world of Maray and all the people sheltering in it are safe. The Villein were ready for it, but they weren't ready to see the fake Mayor arrive. The Mofang was able to shoot one of the Villein guards. The second one who the player finds injured, Trar, forced the Mofang away from the bomb and a standoff ensued. When the player arrives riding to the Silo in a pod, you hear the final shots and explosions of the fight.

One of the outcomes is the first ending, in which the player moves too close the the WMD and it detonates, destroying Maray and the people taking refuge in the Silo. The game screen goes white and you are able to reload the game if it didn't autosave as the WMD was detonating. This outcome will grant the Close to Death achievement on Steam, however.

The second and better outcome is where the player uses the Mofang disabler to destroy the WMD, and Trar begins to open all of the pods in the Silo to let the survivors out. He also closes all access to the Silo from the outside.


  1. Two first paragraphs are taken from Cyan's official Obduction Exploration Guide.