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Leave the community center and go back to the dam. Move the propeller so that the left side is lower than the right and throw the switch again, closing the path.

Lower the left door.png

Return to the beam emitter locomotive. Throw the junctions until you've backed up the cart against rocks, between the community center and the town.

Back up against the rocks.png

Without getting out of the cart, throw the railroad switch, and continue on.

Throw the switch.png

Continue along the track until you get to a sheet metal fence. Get out and open the gate to this area.

Fence gate.png

Get back in the cart. Now point your laser through the gate. Try to hit the rocks blocking the way through the passage. Go through.

Hit the rocks.png

You'll find yourself in what looks like a junkyard. Move down the right path. If you want, you can head upstairs and look at the manifest. When you're done, head back down and open the sliding door that the tracks lead under.

Open this door.png

Now, move forward and take the right fork at the tracks. Exit through the purple portal.

Exit through the purple portal.png

Once back, head through the door, and take the purple portal here. Go down the rails until you get to another purple portal. Now, you'll find yourself by Farley's Community Center.

You are now nearby Farley's Community Center.png

Go through the Community Center, then hang right. Go up the stone stairs, and walk through the purple portal here.

Go through here.png

Once through, hang left to cross over the top of the dam wall, which is now a walkway.

New Walkway.png

Flip the lever to drop the stairs.

Flip down the stairs using the lever.png

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