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Arrival cave
The cave where new arrivals are swaped to

New Arriver is a term used for humans who arrive in Hunrath after the initial swapping of the Cell from Arizona. This happens by means of pairs of Collector Seeds. When the Tree of Hunrath drops such a seed, its 'twin seed'[1] searches for a person who is most probably in mortal danger and activates itself so that it swaps to Hunrath the person along with a spherical part of its environment.

Obduction 17
A recorded welcome message by Mayor Janssen

The inhabitants of Hunrath eventually started placing all new such seeds in a cave at the end of the Entry Canyon to facilite the experience of new arrivers, as well as to to collect any resources that may have come along with them. For the new arrivers, Mayor Josef Pieter Janssen ordered some solid volume projectors to be placed along their path, with messages to guide them to the appropriate place and also to introduce some main locations like Downtown Hunrath, the Tree, etc.

New Arrivers were first guided to visit the Community Center where they were asked to enter some information about their abduction. From the entries it becomes obvious that arrivals to Hunrath do not have a chronologically linear origin. They come from various Earth dates, both past and future, and most mentioned their state of imminent peril. The last New Arriver who signed the guestbook was Jaing Qiuyu coming in from Portland of 2042.