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The Remainers were the members of each race (besides the Mofang) who stayed behind to enact the final plan against the Mofang in the Mofang War. They sat and waited in their War Rooms for the seed-swap device to activate, bringing a Mofang WMD through, so that they could immediately swap it back to Soria where it would detonate.

The Remainers[edit | edit source]

  • C.W. was the only human who stayed behind in Hunrath. His war room was on the western side of the river, along with a Soria seed-swap device.
  • A single Polyarch stayed behind in Kaptar along with the Arai. The war room was situated nearby the hive's location. A single Arai hovered over the scale to activate the device when the WMD came through.
  • Three Villein stayed behind in Maray: Trar (injured in standoff with IMayor), Aprar, and Orbar. Either Aprar or Orbar were shot and killed by the Mofang.

The Remainers and what they were supposed to do were revealed in the War Room Document.