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So we know our next objective but we don't know how to accomplish it yet. No worries. Let's have a look around the place now that the power is turned on. Head over to the garage on the other building.

The garage door

With the power now turned on we can push the red button to open the doors.

Push the red button

Head up the stairs to find what appears to be some sort of workshop.

The workshop

There's lots to see here on the tables. Make sure you read everything here if you want to know a little more about C.W. and his work. (Remember that you can press the spacebar to take photographs to look at later on.)

Stuff on the table
More stuff on the table

There's also an important note for later.

An important clue

You'll also notice the device creating the blue laser is actually attached to what appears to be a small locomotive.

The locomotive

We'll be working with that in a bit. First though let's take a look at some of the contraptions laying around. Near the locomotive there is yet another hologram crystal. This one can be triggered by a button on the table nearby. This one is a test recording of Caroline.

The test hologram

Across the room there is another crystal, however this one seems to be projecting a 3-dimensional rock. If you watch closely you may notice it's not a perfect projection and actual has a bit of a red shimmer every so often. This will be important later.

The fake rock

On the table in the center there is also a strange device attached to some sort of sphere.

A strange device

If you head back around to the other side of the table you will see there is a button wired up to the device. Pressing the button toggles the device which turns out to be yet another laser device. This one shoots a blue laser (strikingly similar to the one attached to the locomotive)

The device shoots lasers!

The laser device is attached to a plate with handles that allow us to rotate it. Rotate the device to point at the rock and turn on the laser.

Rotate the device

POOF! There goes the fake rock. Switching the laser off we get a clear view of the destroyed device. Want to guess what we're going to be doing next?

The rock destroyed

As a side note for later, we can see the door we couldn't open earlier when heading up to the top of the waterfall. No wonder it wouldn't budge, there's a locomotive in the way.

The locked door from earlier

Now that we've seen everything interesting let's get a couple things done while we're up here. There's a large device attached to this building.

The battery

Later we'll learn from C.W. that this is a large battery and he'll ask us to connect it up. Since we're already here, let's go ahead and do it now. There's a hatch covering the wire we need to connect. Open it to reveal the large cable.

Open the hatch

Simply slide the cable to the right and lock it in place.

Connect the wire

Now there's also a bridge leading from the building across the town.

Follow the bridge

If you head down the bridge you'll find it ends in a gap in the tracks, preventing us from following it further. However, just before-hand there is a small makeshift path to the water tower nearby. Flip the lever here to let the water flow.

Let the water flow

The hose connected seems to head into the area with the tree. We'll find out pretty soon where it actually goes.

Watering the tree

For now though head back over the bridge and into the building. Near the back side of the locomotive with the blue laser there is a button to lower it. Press the button.

Lower the locomotive

Head back down the stairs and out into the front yard.

The locomotive lowered

With the locomotive lowered we can now hop inside. Click on the door to open it. (You have to be close enough to the door to properly trigger the animation)

Get inside

The locomotive has two modes. The first is used to control the laser. You can use W-A-S-D to aim the laser. There is a small screen that allows you to see where you are aiming. There is also a button near the bottom center of the screen to turn the laser on and off.

Controls for the laser

Up near the top right there is a switch to toggle between the two modes. Press it to switch to movement mode.

Switch the controls

In movement mode the laser will be disabled and we will be able to move the cart along the tracks. You can use W and S to go forward and back.

Controls for movement

Move the locomotive out of the garage and continue till you pass the first junction just outside the entrance to C.W.'s yard.

Let's get moving

You can click on the door again to exit the cart. Get out and flip the lever next to the junction to allow us to head towards the river.

Redirect the tracks

Back the cart up just enough to enable us to point the laser on our cart at the device creating the red laser. (Somewhere around where the cart is in the picture)

Position the locomotive

Flip the switch on the locomotive to change to laser mode.

Flip the controls

Aim the laser at the device creating the red laser. Once you have it lined up brace yourself and press the button to turn on your laser.

Aim at the red laser device

The red laser will explode, like the rock did, disabling it. This causes the force field that was on the dome to deteriorate, which is accompanied by some loud noises and a cool light show.

Force field destroyed

Now that the force field is down we are free to explore a large variety of new places.

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