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Now that the stairs are dropped, head behind you and into the building to go through another purple portal.

Purple portal.png

Take the rocks up, then fork off to the right. Keep moving down this path until you see a machine just to your left, in the middle of out-of-place terrain with grassy, gray stones. These are called seed-swap devices. They swap spheres of land and whatever is within the sphere's area. Keep this in mind for later.

Strange Machine.png

Stand in front of it, and move the cover up. A green sphere of color will expand outward and the top of the machine will open up.

Seed swap on.png

Push the blue button. This will teleport you. Welcome to the world of Maray!

New place.png

You'll read more about it later, but a green seed-swap device will always teleport you to Maray. Head around and look at the white door. While we're not quite ready to open this yet, it's important to know that it exists.

White door.png

Make a mental note of its location, then head back to the seed-swap device, and repeat the same steps that brought you here. Now, head back through the purple portal that brought you here.

Back through portal.png

Hang right, walk through the portal, and continue under the rock arch.

Rock arch.png

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