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Seeds-swap devices (also referenced as seed machines in the Exploration Guide) are small stands with a sphere on top that opens up once a a cover is moved off a button or you go near it. The seeds inside them are Ambassador Seeds. While normal Ambassador seeds have a longer recharge the more they are used, these were altered with mechanical parts. An ambient membrane that recharges the seeds was amplified with a small battery, which also now charges continuously.

These devices work by swapping spheres/chunks of land between worlds.

You are able to go to Maray, Kaptar, Hunrath, or Soria with seed-swap devices. You can tell where they go by the color of the sphere that goes out from the device before you activate it. Green goes to Maray, Blue goes to Kaptar, Orange goes to Hunrath, and Red goes to Soria.

The functionality of these devices is described in This document:

"Ambassador Seed" Swap Machine Functionality:[]

  • radius of swap sphere is defined at first swap (immutable)
  • seeds recharge naturally from ubiquitous ambient membrane power radiation (tied to tree health)
  • forcing seed open triggers "prep" behavior - radius demarcation
  • small battery added to amplify ambient membrane power (charges continuously)
  • parabolic focusing of power used to trigger seed swap behavior
  • locking location at "swap" machines assures predictability - no unanticipated damage
  • radius demarcation also occurs at same location in destination sphere
  • without a pair seed defining the destination swap location, the destination coordinates match the source
  • voila - swapping on demand