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(WIP): Warp to Maray from the beside of the way on the Wall of Hunrath.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem00.jpg

Pass through the door you opened up earlier.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem02.jpg WT SeedSwappingMayhem01.jpg
Bridge is taking apart.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem03.jpg

Going another path, you will find the seed-swap device on the cliff.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem04.jpg

Now you're back in the area where the stone arch used to be, replaced by the terrain from Maray.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem05.jpg

There is a second seed-swap device now, by the stone wall path. Activate the new one, which will take you back to Maray.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem06.jpg

Go back to where the gap was with the seed-swap device, which is no longer there. The stone arch taken from Hunrath will now allow you to cross.

The Stone Arch now bridging the gap.

Bridge is taking apart at the end of path.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem07.jpg

Go along the path, then take the first turn left. Go up the ramp into a futuristic platform thing with a bunch of machines with rings.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem08.jpg

Go right from the ramp to the end of the seed-swap device, where there will be a lever. It will activate another blue Villein beam (have to hold it down like a joystick to control it) and destroy the red Mofang laser.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem09.jpg

Look behind you for a message from the fake Mayor (iMayor), who is actually a Mofang in disguise. Now exit the platform and go straight (don't turn left) and follow the path until you get to a portal, go through it. Head along this new path until you get to another portal, and go through it. You'll find yourself on another platform building like earlier, but with two bridges off to the side, each with a Villein panel to interact with to open them. First, head to the end of the platform for another brief message from the fake Mayor (iMayor).

WT SeedSwappingMayhem10.jpg

View the photo below for the panel configuration to activate the bridges. This is the value of 682 in base 10 (or 22222 in base 4). For other configurations, please read the info on Maray Bridge Panel Configurations.

This is the pattern to complete the bridges.

One bridge goes to a room with two Hunrath seed-swap devices, the other goes back into the first area. Go to the seed-swap device room. Use the farther seed-swap device, the one that has a larger area of effect. It'll put you in the upper scrapyard, where the railroad track loops around. Go back to the area where the stone arch used to be, and use the seed-swap device closest to the path (the one with the grassy/stone terrain). Now, in Maray, go back to where the two seed-swap devices where. A bunch of junk and sand will be there now, but there is an exit on the other side with an elevator. Go down using the bottom button on the elevator.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem11.jpg

Go on the path leading to the building. It will contain 3 seed-swap devices, each going to Hunrath.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem12.jpg

The room can be rotated with a button stand right next to the entrance.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem13.jpg

Use the seed-swap device in the rock. You are now in a cave/mine in Hunrath, along with three seed-swap devices. Use the one on top of the wooden barrel to go back to Maray. A Villein panel will appear which you can use to activate the bridges.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem14.jpg

Same thing as before. One bridge will lead to a small platform where the Mofang laser was, the other will lead to a small sphere with one seed-swap device. No need to go to the laser platform, just rotate the room with the button outside the entrance to move the panel to the more useful bridge. Complete the bridge, but don't go across yet, there is more to do. Use the seed-swap device closest to the bridge you just completed. This will take you back to the Hunrath cave, along with the bridge panel. Complete the bridge there. Now activate the same panel that brought you to the cave, going back to Maray. Return to the seed-swap device you ignored earlier, across the bridge, and use it to go back to the cave.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem15.jpg

Now use the seed-swap device in the gray circle, back to Maray.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem16.jpg

Across the bridge, there will be a broken sphere of rock and a new seed-swap device.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem17.jpg

Use that new one to go back to Hunrath. Now, in Hunrath, there will be a large metal dome across the bridge. Go back across to the three machines and use the one in the small gray circle. Now back in Maray, the first seed-swap device will be back across the bridge. Use it. Now back in Hunrath, use the seed-swap device in the small gray circle again. Now in Maray, there will be a clear passage through the rocks to another path on the other side.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem19.jpg WT SeedSwappingMayhem18.jpg
Follow the path down. You'll find a lift.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem20.jpg

Use the buttons to go down. There, you'll find a room with a very strange seed-swap device that looks a bit like GLaDOS from Portal. It will teleport you back to Hunrath, in the same cave as before. Follow the cave paths until you find a door you can unlock that leads to the area you were in earlier with the bridge and three seed-swap devices.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem21.jpg

Don't go there, keep going along the new paths until you find a new door. This door can also be unlocked, and it will lead to the other side of the river that you couldn't get on before! Hopefully, you already turned the bridge so that you can walk to the other side of the dam wall, otherwise, you'll have to go all the way back and do that.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem32.jpgWT SeedSwappingMayhem33.jpg
Follow the path into a cave that you should have destroyed the blocking rocks with the beam cart.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem34.jpg

This will lead to a red seed-swap device, leading to Soria.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem35.jpg

Follow the path in Soria to get to a fork in the path. Go left first. You'll find the Soria tree. Go in and activate the water flow like you did before.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem37.jpg

Now, you can go in the portal between the Soria tree and the Hunrath tree, and eventually the other trees as you connect them to the Heart. Once you do that, go up the other path to take in the view of Earth (go right up to the edge) and get the Raising Arizona achievement.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem36.jpg

Now go back to Hunrath using the seed-swap device that brought you to Soria. Go back to Maray again, using the seed-swap device in the small gray circle back in the cave.

The next section is a slightly tedious puzzle which is the maze. It involves 5 rotatable and switchable 'puzzle' pieces that you must move around to create paths to the next area. It will involve a lot of trial and error and seed swapping between a cave in Hunrath and Maray. There is a button inside the Hunrath cave to rotate the pieces individually.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem22.jpg

The button at the top of the elevator rotates the entire maze, which is a big turntable. Feel free to use the wiki's built-in Maray Maze Solver. There are instructions on that page.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem23.jpg

Open two doors on the rail of the lift.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem24.jpgWT SeedSwappingMayhem25.jpgWT SeedSwappingMayhem26.jpg
iMayor Complains you at the lower level in the station of the lift.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem27.jpg.jpg

Walk in the lift.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem28.jpg

You will hear gunshots. What happened?
Go there through the opened door.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem29.jpg

There is one Villein laying under debris.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem30.jpg

There is the console for opening the door.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem31.jpg

You'll find Maray manifest on the desk near the console.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem38.jpg

Input the number in the console of the Storage Facility. This number corresponds to the mayor's pod #222, or floor 14, position 13.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem39.jpg

Coming back from the Storage Facility, you see the door has been opened.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem40.jpg

iMayor is laying.


There is a mine. If you approach that, it will explode and you'll lose this game.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem41.jpg

What seems to be useful is installed.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem42.jpg


WT SeedSwappingMayhem43.jpg

You can peel off the disguise of iMayor .

WT SeedSwappingMayhem44.jpg

Enable the bridge toward the tree by inputting pattern in the console.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem45.jpg

Enter the Tree and activate the water flow.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem46.jpgWT SeedSwappingMayhem47.jpg
The doors around the Storage Facility were locked down.
The exit is this door.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem50.jpg

Input the pattern in console to build the bridge toward the first door.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem48.jpg

C.W. says "Just one thing left. It's called Bleeder".

WT SeedSwappingMayhem49.jpg

To get to the Bleeder, recall the beginning of the game where you let the Waterfall flow over into the river again. The path is now open to that area again from the top of C.W.'s workshop. The large metal carts were moved to reveal a door.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem51.jpg WT SeedSwappingMayhem52.jpg
Previously existing building materials were used for construction.

WT SeedSwappingMayhem53.jpg

There is a portal to the Bleeder.
WT SeedSwappingMayhem54.jpgWT SeedSwappingMayhem55.jpg
Shortly after the end of the game, which has two endings. You can leave the battery connected or not in C.W's workshop, which will give two different endings.

Insects swarm around the battery if you connect the battery.

If the battery is off, then you will see the 'good' ending. If it is on and connected, you will see the 'bad' ending, giving their respective achievements. Be sure to save before triggering the detonation of the Bleeder, so you can see both endings.

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