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WT Laser8
The experimental projector in C.W.'s workshop

Solid volume projectors are devices based on Mofang technology which can project holographic images but also impenetrable objects with solid surfaces. The ones set to project recorded holographic messages are referred to as imagers or kiosks. From the Test kiosk recording we learn that they were given to C.W. by the Mofang. A document that describes them is titled Mofang Solid Volume Projector and it is found in C.W.'s workshop. From this document we also learn that the red beam pointed at the dome and disabling all cell wall portals is also created by such a device.


Mayor janssen 01
A kiosk message by Mayor Janssen

We find five kiosks in some places of interest at the front side of Hunrath with recorded messages either by Mayor Janssen of by Caroline Farley. One more is found in C.W.'s workshop that was used for testing. According to a document titled Mayor's Imager Requests, four more were planned to be built. The recorded messages serve as a welcome and self-guided tour for New Arrivers in Hunrath.

Kiosk Recordings[]

Imager rocks[]

Although the term refers to the projected solid objects, i.e. piles of fallen rocks which block some entrances or paths, the devices that project them are also solid volume projectors. There are five such projector set up to block paths in Hunrath, and one more used for testing is found in C.W.'s workshop. All such imager rocks can be disabled by the Mofang disabler, a device of Villein technology that disables any device of Mofang technology.

Locations of Imager rocks[]