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Mofang cropped
Drawing of a Mofang

There are a total of four intelligent species in Obduction, each inhabiting their own Cell and having originated from a different World. Most of what we get to know about these species is from a document found in Farley's Community Center under the title Species Description.

Two more intelligent species have lived in the past on the world of Kaptar. One made temples, monuments and cave paintings, and later another made heavy machines and lived by fishing giant flying creatures. Relics of both are seen in the cell of Kaptar.

Apart from the Kaptarian giant flying creatures of the past, there are some animal species living currently in two cells. In the Bosque of Hunrath, we see American Lady butterflies flying all over and some abandoned fishing rods imply fish living in the river and the lake. In Maray we see an exotic species of birds with colorful plumage.

List of Species[]