Submarine Parts Salvage Log

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Submarine Parts Salvage Log is a document in Obduction. It is found in the submarine cave under the Waterfall and records all of the items salvaged from the submarine. It serves a similar purpose to New Arrival Inventory Check In, though it applies only to the submarine. The log was added to Obduction for the PS4 release and, as of version 1.7.0, it was added to the PC release.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Submarine Parts
Salvage Log

4 fluid valves and pipe attachment
6 fire hoses
1 large fluid valve
4 lead acid batteries
5 speakers (various sizes)
2 hydraulic lifts
3 small electric motors
4 medium electric motors
22 assorted toggle switches
32 cots/mattresses
1 retro encabulator (заниматься бессмысленным делом)
7 buckets
4 spigots
17 assorted momentary switches
3 pressure meters
1 cutting torch
4 acetylene canisters
10 oxygen tanks
188 welding rods
1 engine room door
1 electric welder
3 soldering irons
20 assorted solenoids
4 flow regulators
7 assorted voltmeters
2 oscilloscopes
22 torpedo warhead explosives
5 wire bundles and harness (50 feet)
1 multimeter
1 fuel hose (50 feet)
8 assorted fans
4 large pipe wrenches
12 cases of Żubrówka
11 assorted pumps
1 electric hoist
2 come-alongs
1 cable winch
41 assorted light bulbs
2 refrigerators
40 large cans assorted vegetables
2 electric ovens