Obduction Wiki

Thank you for your interest in the Obduction Wiki. While there is no longer specific place for live discussion about editing this wiki, you can join the Gamepedia/Fandom Discord.

To Do

While Obduction is a small game when you consider playable hours, there is still a ton of stuff that needs to be done on this wiki. Here are our most pressing needs:

  • Ensure the wiki looks good with the new UCX theme/skin.


  1. Add all the new content introduced in the PS4 to the wiki.
    • There's at least two new locations as well as some new lore. This also means the walkthrough needs to be edited.
  2. Write about Places.
    • There are still several places missing. Places are divided into 3 categories: Worlds (planets), Cells (the large round spheres; there are 4 in the game), and Locations (specific places of interest, like buildings or other gathering places).
  3. Create Maps.
    • TheFloydman has created a few, but they can be time consuming, and he doesn't know if he will be able to make anymore or update the ones he has already uploaded.
  4. Flesh out Backer reward items.
    • While all of the items have been identified, many of the Backers have not been, and their explanations for the in-game items can add a lot of depth.

Please see Special:WantedPages for pages that are referenced but have not yet been created. Category:Stubs will list articles that need fleshing out, and Category:Start will list articles that can be further expanded.

Things to Remember

  • Use primary sources: anything in the game, the Obduction Exploration Guide, or messages or tweets by Cyan employees given officially.
  • Most fan theories are off the table unless they are well-founded and have a substantial amount of community input. Fan theories should be identified as such and not as fact.
  • Please upload photos without the in-game cursor in them. There are various ways to do this, including using the in-game camera and Nvidia Ansel.

Style Guide

Obduction introduces several new words and concepts, and its characters don't always agree on how to write about them. (Cyan has also not provided an official style guide.) This section serves to keep this wiki consistent from one article to the next.

  • The word "Obduction" should always be italicized when referring to the title of the game.
    • Obduction - ''Obduction''
  • When linking the word "Obduction", the link should be directed to the Obduction page, not just the wiki's main page. ("Obduction" should still be italicized when linking.)
  • "Maray", "Kaptar", and "Soria" refer to both Worlds and the Cells which were taken from them. "Earth" is the human World, and "Hunrath" is the Human Cell.
  • "Mofang", "Villein", and "Arai" are both the singular and plural forms of the names of the alien species. For example, "There was one Arai, but there were a lot of Mofang." Again, Obduction characters are inconsistent about this, but this wiki needs to be consistent.
  • "Mofang", "Villein", and "Arai" are also adjectives. For example, "Mofang technology".
  • Page titles should be in sentence case. This means that you should capitalize the article title as if it were a sentence without an ending period. Only the first word and proper nouns/adjectives should start with a capital letter.
  • Except for very short quotes, articles should paraphrase source material, not copy it. If context is needed, refer the reader to the source material instead. This should be easy, considering that the wiki has transcripts of all of Obduction's documents and speeches. (See Category:Documents and Category:Speeches.)
  • References made using <ref></ref> automatically appear at the bottom of the article. Add "== References ==" (without quotes) to the bottom of the article so that they appear nicely in a section. This should not be done if there are no references because you will just be creating an empty section. Also note that {{reflist}} cannot be used as in wikipedia to insert and style the reference list in this wiki. If for some reason the references section should be placed in any other location than the very bottom of the article, place "<references />" under the "== References ==" section header.
  • Add an infobox when appropriate. This wiki uses one multipurpose infobox (currently Template:CharacterBox) whenever an infobox is needed. Any fields left blank will not show up.
  • Proofread before you finish creating/editing a page. This will save a lot of time down the road.
  • The Runescape Wiki and No Man's Sky Wiki are great examples of what we can achieve visually and textually. Let them inspire you in your work here.