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The Tower elevator puzzle is a puzzle in Obduction that restores power to the elevator in the Tower, granting access to both the top of the Tower and Mayor Janssen's quarters. The Tower entry puzzle must be completed to understand the provided clues, but is not necessary to actually finish the puzzle. It consists of three main parts.

City Council Chamber[]

Mayor's Desk.png

Go to the City Council Chamber in the Tower. Open Mayor Janssen's journal on his desk, and you will find a clue partially written in blue ink: "I also had C.W. change the upper tower access code. A clue to that code has been placed under the direction of our first Mayor." As listed on the wall of the Chamber, Luther Roscoe was the first mayor of Hunrath. On the mayor's desk near his journal is a small wooden box with "Roscoe" engraved on the lid. Open the box to reveal a compass. Turn the compass over to find a post-it note with the name of one of several states of the United States of America (or the District of Columbia) written on it. The license plate on the mayor's desk leads you to the license plates in the Garage of the Gas Station.

Gas Station[]


On the wall of the Garage in the Gas Station are ten license plates from around the United States of America. Locate the one from the state that was written under the compass. The letters and numbers are the code that will restore power to the Tower elevator. Exit the Garage, cross the river, and enter the nearby phone booth. Using the dial, assign a number to each letter from the appropriate license plate. You will be left with one of the following numerical passcodes:

Post-It License Plate State/City License Plate Number Passcode
Arizona ARIZONA AL9 742 259742
California CALIFORNIA FLW167 359167
Colorado COLORADO BG-4153 244153
Florida FLORIDA 6A9415 629415
Minnesota MINNESOTA 1R 2958 172958
Missouri MISSOURI 3BK.247 325247
Montana MONTANA 15-J520 155520
New York NY 4H.16.93 441693
North Carolina NORTH CAROLINA NT-6403 686403
Ohio OHIO 1ME-107 163107
Pennsylvania PENNA 3ADX61 323961
Rhode Island RHODE ISLAND CLU-287 258287
Texas TEXAS PV 7932 787932
Washington WASHINGTON DJM 807 356807

Eastern Wall[]

Tower Elevator Panel.png

If you have already lowered the staircase on the swing bridge, go there, go up it, and continue along the wall until you come to the Tower.

If you have not lowered the staircase, go to the swing bridge and swing it to its neutral position. Go to Farley's Community Center and leave through the back door. Continue forward until the path split, turn right, and continue forward until you pass through the cell membrane. Head forward and left until you come to the swing bridge, then cross it and continue along the wall until you come to the Tower.

There is a panel in front of this entrance to the Tower. Using the rotary dial, enter the passcode for the state you have been assigned for your game. If entered correctly, a bell will ring, and you will have full access to the Tower elevator.