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There is a Tree at the center of each Cell in Obduction. They probably grew from the Mother Seeds that initially swapped each of the four Cells.[1] Their health is tied to the entire ecosystem of the Cell in which they reside, and each is connected to the others via the Heart so long as it is healthy.

Hunrath Tree[]

The Hunrath Tree has existed ever since Hartnell was swapped out of Arizona. It was already a sapling when it was discovered.[2] It glows yellow/orange when connected to the Heart.

Soria Tree[]


The Soria Tree survived the Mofang WMD's blast, but half of it was charred, and those leaves were burned away. It glows red when it is connected to the Heart.

Kaptar Tree[]

The Kaptar Tree glows blue when it is connected to the Heart.

Maray Tree[]

The Maray Tree glows green when it is connected to the Heart.


  • The Trees were modeled after maple and oak trees in order to give them a "wise old tree" look.[3]

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