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Walkthrough - Part 8[]

Enter the Community Center, where you can inspect again the clues of the slide projector. In particular, note the 15-like pattern on the right screen and the place on the map where the little circle is projected by the other slide on the left screen, as this is where the hint will be useful. But first we must find a way to decode the pattern.

Head out the front door, follow the tracks to the right, and when you reach the X-junction, head left towards the Arai compound. Go all the way up to the rocks we destroyed earlier, and go through that portal into the Scrapyard. Head around the piles of junk and onto the platform with the backhoe shovel. Get on board, and hit the button to descend to the Supply yard.

Excavator bucket

Head down the path, but keep on eye to your right for a metal box with vents and handles.

Metal Cabinet

Once you find this box, open it up. Inside, you'll find a diagram. Flip the handle up. Then, head around and walk inside the Gas station building. You will see an alien looking blue panel next to an old cash register.

Blue grid

Use this device to enter the 15-like code by dragging between the dots. A mistake can be crossed out by cutting a drawn line. After entering the code press the button. The panel will correct the syntax of the code and the reading of the cash register will give you its decimal value: 406. You can also find a more detailed explanation of how the code can be read and converted here.

Move all the way into the garage, and push the green button to open the door, connecting this area with rear side of Hunrath.

Open garage door

Head out of the garage through the fuel depot, and head past the Bosque towards the swing bridge. Keep left until you find some stone steps. Climb the steps to the left and take the walkway you had previously lowered up, over the river and through the wooden building. Cross the purple portal.

Purple portal

Head all the way along the wall and down the rock path to the green building.

Door code spoiler below:


Enter 406 as the door code.

You are now inside the tower, at the Mayor's office within The Tower. Read the two papares you will find either on the table or further down at the sitting room. You learn about the Bleeder.

Two papers

There are two doors to unlock. The one to the right of where you entered opens towards the Sphere and all the rear area of Hunrath.

Lift the block on the other door as well, and you'll find yourself facing the round wall that surrounds the Tree. Go back inside. Note that the elevator is not running.

Look at the Mayor's desk, and turn over the compass inside the little box to find a hint - in my playthrough, it was "Rhode Island", but "North Carolina" , "Texas", "Arizona", "Missouri", "Colorado", "California" a.o. have also been seen; a different state is given in each game.

Head out of the metal door that overlooks the Sphere, and go back to the Gas station. Now that you're there, look in the garage at the wall with the license plates. Look at the one with the state that was under the compass, and make a mental note. Mine said "CLU-287". The selection of plates on the garage wall varies in each game.

License plate cheat sheet

Head towards the generator, then the building behind it. Keep walking through this area until you get to the fork and take the left under the stone arch. Continue walking through this area, and go through the purple portal.

Cross back over the river along the wall path, and get to the elevator set into the mountain.


Enter what you saw on your license plate, and this should trigger power to the elevator. If like me you had letters in your code, they translate like this:

Phone dial

So for my clue, CLU-287, my number ended up being 258287. The numbers are arranged via a rotary dial, which for those too young to know that pattern, it goes counter-clockwise starting from 1 at the top right to 0 at the bottom right. The phone booth just outside the Gas station can show you which number corresponds to which letter on its old fashioned rotary dial.

This will enable the elevator. Take it all the way down to the basement to find a new living space. Read the paper in here, making careful note of the numbers, as they will fill you in on data for a puzzle later. Go to the crank at the far end of the room, and crank it down - this will open a door up above.

Tree door crank

Go back to the elevator, go up a level, and out the door. You will now see The Tree revealed in all its glory. Walk around it until you see a pathway. Walk underneath the tree to its Heart, and turn the water on here. Water will flow, provided you have turned on the vane of the water tower back in the beginning, following the rails from C.W.'s workshop.

Hunrath Tree Hydrant

This will flood the tree's roots with water. You can also see the voltage rising on the display, which, being connected to the walkie-talkie might be transmitting the reading somewhere. Note that all other paths are not going through yet. Now everything is glittering... and outside the leaves are turning green!