Obduction Wiki

The following is a list of the 16 parts of the walkthrough for Obduction. It offers a direct and continuous way through the game. There is also a series of articles for all the Puzzles, focusing more at the particulars of each puzzle, its prerequisites, and its role in the overall gameplay. A HintThrough is also available as an alternative of the walkthrough.


  1. Introduction
  2. Welcome to Hunrath
  3. Finding the Generator
  4. Exploring C.W.'s Workshop
  5. Getting Things Ready
  6. Opening New Paths
  7. A New Horizon
  8. Unlocking the Tower
  9. Reactivating Ancient Gears
  10. The Way to the Roots
  11. The Red Beam of Maray
  12. Seed Swapping Mayhem
  13. Visit a Desolation
  14. Rotating the Labyrinth
  15. The Fate of Maray
  16. Just One Thing Left