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The War Room document is a document found in both War Rooms in Obduction. They outline the plan that Farley devised to send the Mofang WMDs back to Soria.


PLEASE read thoroughly. We MUST have every detail in place -- our lives (and our species) depend on this being executed perfectly.

The locations and times in this document are based on the information leaked by Rookoh and Chavar. Our lives depend on the accuracy of the information we received from them.


# C.W. (Earth)

# Trar, Aprar, Orbar (Maray)

# Arai, one Polyarch (Kaptar)


Day 17143AH:Hour 12 - Begin Chambering

# End of Day 17146AH - Farley verifies manifest - All souls Chambered

# Beginning of Day 17148AH - Remainers in place with "hands-on-swap-trigger"

# Beginning of Day 17148AH - Rookoh and Chavar arrive? - Chambered by Trar

Beginning of Day 17148AH - Trar on guard of Chamber

Trigger Time: Day 17148AH, Hour 5, Minute 33 (could vary by plus or minus 4 minutes)

Trigger Locations: As prescribed. (All location should have small error allowance. Maray has largest margin of error potential - BE ALERT)

Trigger Task: Trigger re-swap IMMEDIATELY after swap. Any delay increases the risk of detonation in a home sphere and the risk of a Remainer being disabled in Mofang.

Communication: Farley - I'll insure that ALL Remainers (or in the case of Kaptar - the remaining Polyarch) receive and understand this document.